George R. Koebel founded Roytec Industries LLC in May of 1984 with three employees and $200,000 in annual sales. Located in Woodstock, Georgia, Roytec occupied 2,000 square feet of rented space but quickly expanded to 5,500 square feet.In 1986, three acres were purchased in Bell Industrial Park and construction was completed on Phase I of the current facility. In 1991, Phase II was completed which expanded the original 12,000 square foot building to 26,400 square feet, including 3,400 square feet of office space.

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Roytec Industries LLC has years of experience in cutting and stripping a wide variety of wires, ranging from awg 32 wire to 535 MCM cable - from single conductor to multiple conductors. We deal with many insulation types, including P.V.C., Teflon, Kynar, X-Link, Fiberglass, Dacron/Mylar/Dacron (DMD) which requires hot blades to seal the insulation prior to stripping and numerous others. We are experienced with ribbon cable, semi-rigid coax cable, and other specialty type work which our customers have required.

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A comprehensive inspection procedure and an internal certification program are already in place at Roytec Industries to assure that our quality meets or exceeds the expectation of our customers. We are experienced in SPC, UL, CSA, and have a broad range of testing equipment to assure continuity. If you have need of customer support at Roytec Industries including pre-sales questions, please don't hesitate to call us at 770-926-5740 or to email your concerns from the Contact page.

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